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About us

There’s just one “us”. Just me. For now.

What can I tell you about me?

I love dancing in the rain and drinking mai tais. Just kidding, I have two left feet. So I can sit down without judgement and sip my mai tais. Also not a big fan of rain.

Ooooh, you want to know what drove me to create this platform?

I love to learn, be it a random fact or travelling to see something new.
As such, I admire people who are trying out new things, trying to learn something new just because they want to (and school is not making them. Gasp!).
I also admire people who help these people by giving them feedback (thumbs up! Or down.) or even sharing their expertise.
Look at Wikipedia. Or WordPress. All free, all possible because of enthusiasts who are sharing their knowledge and taking feedback on board.

And yes, I do want to know what you guys think about this platform. I’m a newbie, trying to learn something new – help!

Drop me a note on moything(at)